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Love Of Puppies is a renowned breeder of miniature red Goldendoodles, located in the beautiful state of Illinois.

For the past 8 years, they have been producing some of the most sought-after hybrid family dogs in the area. Their commitment to breeding high-quality, healthy and happy puppies has earned them a reputation for excellence among dog lovers.


We have been lifelong animal lovers and enthusiasts. We started our journey in breeding dogs after experiencing the joy of raising her own Goldendoodle. She was immediately hooked on the breed and decided to start her own breeding program. Her goal was to create a line of miniature red Goldendoodles that would embody the best traits of both the Golden Retriever and the Poodle, resulting in a loving, intelligent, and hypoallergenic dog that would be the perfect addition to any family.

Our passion for breeding is reflected in the care and attention that she and her team provide for each puppy.

We ensure that the puppies are raised in a nurturing environment, with plenty of love and socialization from an early age. The puppies are also given ample opportunity to exercise and play in a large backyard, which helps to build their physical and mental development.


Love Of Puppies takes pride in the health and well-being of their puppies. Before they leave for their forever homes, the puppies are given a thorough health check-up and are up to date on all vaccinations and deworming treatments. They also provide their new owners with a comprehensive health guarantee, giving them peace of mind that they are receiving a healthy and happy puppy.

The dedication and hard work of Love Of Puppies have resulted in many satisfied customers who have found joy in their new furry family member.

The love and care that we put into our breeding program have made us one of the most trusted and reputable breeders in Illinois. Our commitment to producing healthy, happy and well-socialized puppies is a testament to our passion for dogs and their desire to provide families with the perfect companion.

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